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Botanical EZ Relief Salve for Natural Pain Relief


  • Corydalis contains natural pain relieving compounds shown to activate dopamine and opiate receptors without creating an addiction.
  • When ingested in tea or tinctures Corydalis can have a very unpleasant taste. That is why our company has created a way to use this herb externally.
  • Contains NO CBD or THC.
  • Botanical EZ Relief salve contains other complementary herbs that have been shown to support reducing inflammation and tissue recovery.The natural healing qualities of each plant help support the goals of pain management and recovery treatments.


Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis) is a natural remedy for pain relief.  We combine corydalis with other powerful botanicals that support pain relief and reducing inflammation to help support pain managemnt. As a member of the Papaveraceae (poppy) family of plants, Corydalis is able to interact with opiate and dopamine receptor sites to reduce pain, but is not addictive or habit-forming. Corydalis does not typically exhibit negative side-effects when used topically, and will not cause users to test positive for opiate use. Learn More Corydalis Benefits.




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