Natural Remedy Botanical EZ



 "I'm totally in love with the Botanical EZ Day & Night serum. That's my new favorite! I've replaced my daily moisturizer with it. This dry Denver winter weather is killing me...this has been keeping my skin from drying and's amazing!!!!"

- Dale R.

"I also tried the face serum and it came just in time as I was experiencing a bad reaction to an acne spot treatment. My whole face was red, swollen, and had large dry patches from one use of spot treatment. This arrived just in time, as I was in so much pain. I used it before bed and it immediately felt so good and soothing on my skin. When I woke up I wasn’t as red or swollen. By day 3 the redness, swelling, and dry patches had disappeared. I am currently still experiencing a breakout so once this clears I want to give it a fair chance on clear skin to see how it reacts, but I am pretty positive it will be amazing."

- Justeen P.

"I have tried many different products on my bone on bone knees, including Cannabis Salve. The pain relief salve from Botanical EZ has given me back the life that I had before the intolerable knee pains. I rub the pain relief salve two separate times and I can go for a walk, play golf, ride my bike and just live life without the pain that made life miserable before. Of course, doctors have suggested total knee replacement surgery but I am avoiding that and still having the kind of life that I find fulfilling." 

- Kerry L.

"I was out walking this morning and, once again, I was so grateful for you and the wonderfully "magic" relief salve you make! Before I started using your salve I couldn't walk up and down stairs without feeling pain. I wasn't walking much at all because of pain in my knees and feet. I wasn't able to open jars. I have been using your salve for months and now am enjoying daily walks, without pain. I can go up and down the stairs in my house and can open jars again. My granddaughter noticed and said "Gamma! You found your strength again!" Little things that are often taken for granted have been restored to me. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to your relief salve! I gave my mom a jar when I visited her this past summer. She was having pain in her knees and wasn't able to do her stairs very well. After trying your salve, she was amazed!"  

- Jean M. 

"This salve is wonderful! I had used it before with much success and have just ordered two more jars to help treat and relieve a recent flare-up of bursitis in both my hips.  Over-the-counter drugs only give me minimal relief,  but makes me sleepy and I am unable to take anything stronger. This salve is great!" 

- Linda L.

"I have suffered from intense neck pain for a while and nothing seems to give much relief except for a deep tissue massage but really who can afford that multiple times a week?!? This Salve has been a lifesaver! I use it before bed after being active and sore all day and I am finally able to sleep well and not wake up in pain. My fiancé has shoulder pain from working out and it has also helped him immensely. I cannot say enough good things about this and will be telling everyone I know!"  

- Justeen P.

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